DJ Whitefighter came into contact with electronic music in 1996 for the first time. Ever since, he has been captivated by it and he was a regular visitor at legendary raves. In 2005 he had his first experience as a DJ with Trance at his friends DJ Paranoids home. In the same year, he had his first gig at the famous 7th-Heaven afterhours. His next stop was tranceradio.ch where he was performing live every Friday and Sunday. In his show he also welcomed many guests, for example Psycos, Paranoid, MB-Future, Dready-2, MC-Tschirig, Jc-Night, Digitalbaba, MC-Chrigi, Rocca, Blackfighter and many more. They were all his esteemed guests at his place in Steffisburg from where he broadcasted into the whole world. Afterwards, several bookings in Switzerland followed, at well-known Parties like Rave Reunion or Tatana’s birthday as well as small gigs where he inspired his audience. His newest acquisition is his generous but cozy music studio which he equipped together with his colleague DJ Paranoid and which is operating since 2015. His vinyl records are his trusted and constant companions. Since 2011, DJ Whitefighter is also present on youtube.



EX-Club/Thun, Basis/Thun, Unit/Biel, Legend/Biel, Prestige/Bern, Aarehütte/Worblaufen, Graffiti/Bern, Legacy/Thun, The ES-EX Club/Bern, 7th-Heaven/Frauenkappeln, Kraftstoff/Thun, Orients/Thun, Das O/Spiez, Schaltzentrale/Balsthal, Red-Black/Steffisburg, Triebwerk/Urdorf, Nautilus/St.Gallen, Ratteloch/Thun, Borderline/Basel



Mai-Bumbum/Steffisburg, Skorpion B-Day/Röthenbach, Steffisburg, Thun, Bern, Nature-One Camping/Kastellaun, Rave Reunion/Zürich, Remember Trance Revolution/Balsthal, Interlaken Forest/Interlaken, Grauholz Forest/Ittigen, Red-River/Frauenkappeln, Red-River/Bern, Vinyl Adrenalin 1,  2, 3, 4, 5/Steffisburg, Spiez, Electronic City Skorpion Edition/Steffisburg, SummerNight/Urdorf, Spirit of Remember, Trance Will Never Die/Thun, Tuned:Flow Label:Night Part 1/Spiez, Timer Reverse Big Anniversary/Basel



RTR-Events/Bern, Red-Black/Steffisburg

Diverses: http://www.tranceradio.ch, Radio X/Basel, Trancexpress/Basel, Diverse Privatpartys, Trance:Force/Bern, Tuned:Flow/Bern, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqmsWki5R7h39zF_qa2JokA