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I was born in 1969 in Dornach near Basel. Music has defined my life for a long time. I trained as a chorus boy at the Knabenkantorei Basel and at the same time I was already enthusiastic about electronic music.

In 1988 I bought my first synthesizer, a DX11 from Yamaha, and the sequencer program Cakewalk V1.1d for DOS. On the tracks of my great role models "Depeche Mode" I got some experience in sound design, sequence programming and arranging. After moving to Ittigen in 1994 I first came into contact with the music we now call Techno. In the legendary Stufenbau in Ittigen I lost my heart to a musical culture that had a strong influence on me.

I got to know the DJs Snowman and Mind-X and since then I took every opportunity to pick up new ideas for my songs at raves. In 1998 my friend Sacha Pfander and I started to go down to business in our own studio. A first record deal with DJ Taucher's label "Scuba Records" in 2001 was the reward for our work. I was pleased and surprised when I was asked to remake and reissue my track "Trance Rise" after now almost 20 years to and immediately jumped at the opportunity. Release date  April 9, 2018.