Oliver Zulliger was introduced to Trance music in 1997 through the legendary tapes and attended his first rave at the Nachtwerk in Thun. Ever since he has been hooked on Trance and was envisioning himself behind the turntables. In 1998 he purchased his first equipment together with DJ Hypernova. After many hours of practise he had his first small gigs at private parties. In 1999 he achieved his first couple of bookings for clubs and raves. Ever since, DJ Spaceman was a resident at the club “The Dawn” at the Stufenbau in Ittigen and at the “Afterhour” (Bierhübeli Underground). Between 2006 and 2012 DJ Spaceman was on break to pursue further education for his day job. However, Trance was always a part of him and therefore in 2012, he decided to start playing gigs at parties again. Since 2017 he is also involved in another project together with his colleagues to produce Trance.



Bärchis/Gelterkinden, Gate-One/Ittigen, The Dawn/Ittigen, Bierhübeli/Bern, Bierhübeli Underground/Bern, Unit/Biel, The Temple/Bern, Wasserwerk/Bern, Gaskessel/Bern Maniax/Wauwil, Technobar25/Reinach, 7th Heaven/Frauenkappeln,   Guayas/Bern, Prestige/Bern, Basis/Thun, Ex der Klub/Thun, Grafitti/Bern, Insider Party Factory/Flamatt, Blue Lemon Pub/Bärau, Legend/Biel, Nachtwerk/Thun, Red-Black/Steffisburg, Das O/Spiez, Schaltzentrale/Balsthal, The ES-EX Club/Bern,

 Aarehütte/Worblaufen, Borderline/Basel



The Face/Schwarzenburg, High-Emotion/Flamatt, Winterfestival/Flamatt, Transformers(Gate-One)/Bern, Warcraft4,5/Bern, First Battle/Bern, Dezibel/Bern.

Electrocity/Bern, The new Generation/Bern, Tracid Traxxx Night/Biel, Tracid Traxxx Night/Bern, Red River 1/Frauenkappeln, Red River 2/Bern, Irealis/Bern, Trance Generation/Bern, Emotion 4/Biel, Rotor 3/Bern, Vinyl Adrenalin 1, 2, 3, 5/Steffisburg und Spiez, Red-Black Opening Party/Steffisburg,Remember Trance Revolution

Part1/Balsthal, Electronic City Skorpion Edition/Steffisburg, In The Woods/Entlebuch,



Afterhour Bierhübeli Underground/Bern, The Dawn(Stufenbau)/Bern, Maniax/Wauwil, RTR-Events/Bern, Red-Black/Steffisburg



Radio Rabe/Bern, 2 Jahr Jubiläum Panthera Records/Bern, Diverse Privatpartys, Eternal Movement Records/Bern, X-Dream Records/Ittigen, TRANCE:FORCE/Bern, Rocma Music/Basel, http://www.tranceradio.ch